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Always been a big fan of the archive. Only way to listen to some new music of my favorite bands. The new update is great. Keep up the good work!

Great app but a little light on features. Hopeful for future improvements.

This apps does what it says it will do and does so with a clean interface. There really isnt much to fault with the implementation. The only bug that I encountered was a glitchy AirPlay implementation. I hope the bug I experienced will be fixed shortly. What is stopping me from giving a 5 star review is that there isnt a whole lot here, especially in comparison to superb music apps like TuneIn Radio. Heres what Id like to see: * The option to cache songs locally for listening on commutes. * iPad support. * Grouping of shows with multiple sources. For example a Grateful Dead show may have 3-5 or more sources. This makes browsing the archive more difficult than it needs to be. * Sorting options. By listens and by ratings would be an excellent start. * The ability to favorite or star shows so I can come back to them easily. * Pull in images and bio data on artists for more attractive display options.

Yah mon

There should be no negativity associated with this domain. Nothin but positivity will be heard here. Keller rules. (not Bob)

The Complete Archive NOT Available

The Ap doesnt give you complete access to the entire Grateful Dead collection. Not Charlie Miller soundboards to be found. Ridiculous. The only reason I bought this was to be able to stream shows without stopping when my phone was inactive, but the shows I want arent available. The search function and the information available for each show is too basic. I want to be able to search for shows by date and see the recording specifics that are available online, but you can only search by band and the data for each show is only about 25 characters long. Save your money the Ap is a big ripoff.

A good app when it worked.

Now I cant through more than a song or two without a crash.

Eternally Grateful

Archive is a deadheads best friend

Where did the shows go?

The app claims to have 10,743 GD shows available, and once did! But now when I reload the shows it only loads to 91%, and only around 1,500 recordings appear. What happened? The shows Ive saved as favorites still play (sometimes) but cant be found. There dont seem any soundboards available. We need answers!!!

Doesnt work on iPhone 6s!

I ignored the other reviews that said app will crash during 2nd song. Doh Will happily change review to five stars once they fix this.

Good app but

No phish?!?!?!

Worth every cent

Great job in the work that was put into this app. Spent many years collecting and trading tapes of shows, now available in on place.

Its got the biscuits? Im good

Solid amounts of shows, ap works great. Cant complain. Get this if you need shows on the go, or if your collection is missing some shows that your friends insist are a must listen.

Wow! Thank you!!

An easy to use window into more music than you can possibly listen to in a lifetime. Well done!

Must have app especially for Dead fans

This app is already essential, to my knowledge best in its class, and low priced but keeps improving.

Best app - Play from music app

Favorite feature is to be able to play in background, works flawlessly. Easy to browse, mark favorites, bonus is it finds bands in the Archive that are in your playlists! Great app well worth the price of admission

Well worth the money

Awesome! What a great resource for live shows. I listen to music ALL DAY EVERY DAY in my shop and get sick of the same CDs on my iPod. This app is amazing. Plus I love being able to hear live shows I went to. Its definitely worth the few bucks!


Best $4 ever spent (~};) ...!!...!!...<3

Like the new format

I use the Archivist to listen to Grateful Dead concerts on my phone. I can easily find any date in the archive. The streaming is usually seamless although sometimes it gets stuck transitioning from one song to the next, like it forgot where it was. This seems to occur where the signal is weak or the bandwidth is limited. An improvement Id like to see added is the ability to search by song title. Id like to pick a particular song and follow its evolution over the years. Maybe only a deadhead like me would appreciate this capability, nonetheless I think it would be a great feature to have. Dark Star marathon, anyone?

Best Live Music App Available

Easy to use, every tape friendly band you could ever hope to see in one place including super high quality SBDs, AUDs and Matrix Combos. Convenient way to catch up on your favorite bands archived shows as well as their most recent. Bravo!

Awesome app

Far better than the web implementation. Its all here, easy to find, and easy to hear.

Crashes on startup

Crashes on startup

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